Thank you for checking out my Resources page. This page holds links to a lot of the tools I use currently love to use in production. Some of these are affiliate links (Meaning if you purchase through the link I get a bit of money at no cost to you) and some are not, but most of the software has free trials so no need to purchase if you don’t want to!

But, if you do love the software and what I am doing here, enable me to keep helping out our fellow developers and purchase through my links! I will work on some nice tutorials on the software to give out as well!

Also worth noting, I only put software on here that I use and am familiar with.

Sublime Text – A great text editor with a ton of easy to use features as well as context highlighting, custom plugins and you can even run your tools directly through the editor by setting up your build environment inside it. I mostly use it for editing and searching large amounts of files and for editing and running my python scripts.

Shader Forge – Node based Unity shader creator! Its super easy to use and there are tons of tutorials out there for how to use it. I have witnessed several artists learn it quickly and relatively painlessly. Tutorials to come soon!


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